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Christmas Miracles Foundation, Inc. (CMF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Atlanta, Georgia that promotes and facilitates community giving in an effort to help children from economically disadvantaged families during the Christmas holiday season. Each year, we host a Christmas Miracles celebration, gift drive, and distribution of over 1,200 toys, clothing items, bicycles, electronics, etc. to over 400 children, age 0-12 years, and 140 parents and caregivers. 


Our hearts ache for people in our community who have lost jobs or homes, who go hungry, or cannot afford to fix their only vehicle to get to work, and especially for their children. We wish that we could help in these areas but we have found our greatest impact is in harnessing the spirit of giving among our neighbors. With the generous help of the community, we provide a memorable Christmas Miracle experience that gives struggling families hope in the possibility of better fortune to come.    


The Christmas Miracles project is comprised of a two month annual gift drive and culminates in a holiday celebration and gift distribution.  The celebration is a grand showcase of community spirit intended to create memorable experiences for underserved children and their families. The venue chosen must accommodate 400-600 people and is divided into a toy room, dining area, and an area for children’s activities, games, and entertainment. The facility is decorated to simulate a magical wonderland with a DJ; Christmas craft stations; face painting; balloon characters; dance exhibitions; and cotton candy, snow cone, and popcorn machines.  During the celebration, each child receives three of the gifts collected during the drive; and, their parents or caregivers are invited to join in the festivities.

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